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Our Awesome Features is a technology solution to help employers attract and convert new candidates by leveraging their company culture. We have strived to create a robust technology platform to help you save time and money while allowing you to easily organize your entire hiring process. Learn more about our features and see why is the right platform for your hiring needs!

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Get your job seen

You can’t get job seekers by just posting to one job board. We post every job to 50+ platforms that way your job can be in the front of millions of job seekers. You better clear off your calendar!

Make Sure You're Using All The Right Words

You want your job posting to attract a lot of great candidates. Our analytics will give you an in-depth look at what job seekers are doing on your job posting.

Need to Hire Quickly in a Short Amount of Time?

Boosting your job will make sure your job posting stays on the front page of major job boards thus increasing your chances of receiving quality talent.

Monster, Indeed, GlassDoor

Showcase Your Awesome Company Culture

You have great company culture. Why not show it? Job seekers are more willing to apply to a job when they can visualize themselves working at your company. Showcase your company culture and give job seekers why they should work at your company

Showing off your company culture is as easy as copy and paste

Our eye catching company culture template can be used right on your website. Just two easy steps and you’ve given job seekers a glimpse into a day in the life on your team.

Keeping You Organized

Manage all your candidates on one page. With our easy-to-use sorting options it makes organizing and looking through hundreds of resumes a simple and quick task.

Candidate Management



Send Messages Back and Forth With Potential Candidates

Connect with candidates before setting up an interview.

Get Your Team Involved

With unlimited amount of users you can truly have an immersive collaborative space. You can make notes and share resumes within your team.

Never Forget Details About a Candidate

Use the note feature to highlight skills and details you like about the candidate throughout the hiring process.

Manage Candidates in One Click

Streamline your hiring process with bulk actions; add notes, send emails and update pipeline statuses to multiple candidates all in one click.

Keep Track of Your Potential Candidates

Never lose a potential candidate in a sea of resumes. It's difficult keeping track of resumes when you've seen hundreds in one day. With tagging, it allows you to specify with keywords why you liked a resume. i.e. tag Josh Adams with programmer, creative, great smile!

Manage the Flow and Process

Never Lose Track of Candidates. With a simple birds eye view of your pipeline, easily move candidates through each stage of the hiring process.

Receive as many Candidates as you want

Why have limits? They're millions of great talent out there waiting to be hired. Let fill your inbox with them.

Get An Alert when You Receive a New Applicant


Save A List of Candidates To View Offline

If you're a workaholic like we are, then you know time is the essence. You can now export your potential candidates to view while you're on the go.

Save A List of Candidates To View Offline

If you're a workaholic like we are, then you know time is the essence. You can now export your potential candidates to view while you're on the go.

Collaborate With As Many People As Necessary


Need Help or Have Questions?

Jumping into something new can be a difficult transition. That's why we have a dedicated team to help you in your transition or any time you need help navigating or executing an action on our platform. The only difficulty setting you need to worry about is easy.

Culture Matters

Culture Profile collage Culture Profile collage

What is culture?

Who, You Are

A lot of great companies have amazing culture. Its hard to see it unless you were working at their company. One of best ways to show off company culture is through a culture video. The company culture video helps to show the company’s amazing culture. This allows job seekers to see their potential work environment and co-workers.

What, You Do

Great Company Culture isn’t just about who the company is, but it’s also about what makes the company great. Job Seekers care about who they are working for but also what the job will involve. Will they be creating an amazing product that can potentially change peoples lives?

Why, You Do It

Every company has a purpose. Job Seekers wouldn’t want to work for a company that didnt have a plan or reason.

Why is Company Culture important?

It’s important to find a job that you are going to love not because of the pay but also because of the culture. Wouldn’t you love to work for a company that has such an amazing culture that you can practically call your second home? Job seekers, want a great career not another dead-end job. Company Culture is important showcase yours to job seekers and give them a ton of great reasons why they should work for your company. Great Company Culture is the heart of a succcessful business.

What do job seekers Value?

There’s a major disconnect between today’s workforce and hiring managers. Here is a list that job seekers look for when finding a job.

What Job Seekers Value Chart

How do we show company culture?

Through our culture profile builder you can easily upload photos and videos showcasing your culture. Add detailed text about the company and reasons why job seekers should apply. Add employee testimonials and even information about the management team.

Company Culture Profiles

It Only Gets Better From Here

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